Countdown to 2012: My favorites in entertainment of 2011

Favorite Music Artist:  Adele, she has a phenomenal voice and knows what works for her.  I was always a fan but 2011 was her year.  She made me want to go through a break up just to relate on a deeper level.

Favorite Song: Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce.  This song is better than a brownie hot fudge sundae during my period.  Whenever I need a pick me up I put it on repeat. When I don’t feel like working out anymore I put it on repeat.  This song>>>>

Favorite Movie: Columbiana. I Love revenge movies, Zoe Saldana made me think for about 36 seconds that I could be an assassin avenging the death of my loved one.

Favorite TV Series: Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead.  I am a television buff. I will give just about anything a shot and I will watch episode after episode.  I was leery of Once Upon a Time but the way they manage to weave the stories together is impressive. My heart breaks a little every episode but I’m invested I can’t not watch.  The Walking Dead is a stark contrast from my other fav. There aren’t even words for how good the show is.

Favorite Reality Show: Love and Hip Hop.  I don’t consider reality shows in the same category.  I actually don’t care for reality shows but Love and Hip Hop is a good one mostly because I can’t get enough of Chrissy.  She is my imaginary best friend and when someone crosses me I ask myself what would Chrissy Lampkin, soon to be Lampkin-Jones, do.  No matter what the situation is she is always her self, strong in he opinions and protective of her Loved ones.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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