Countdown 2012: What I going to do with the last 3 days of this 2011

I will be looking for a place to party as well as finding something to wear. I Love NYE it’s my favorite night of the year because no matter how much I plan it never goes how I want but I always have a good time because I’m surrounded by awesome people.  I figure it’s the last night of the year so do something memorable.  I like to wear sequins or metallic.  Usually people spend NYE with their significant other, but I’ve spent the night for the last 2 years with my bff, even though I’ve had the same boyfriend during that time.   I’m starting to wonder if that is a bad sign.  There have been reasons why things happened how they did but I honestly thought this year would be different.  My little sister will probably be around but I’m not sure she tends to be aloof.  Not matter what the sign says I think bringing in  the new year is special when you are with people who mean something to you.


One thought on “Countdown 2012: What I going to do with the last 3 days of this 2011”

  1. I used to always have so much expectation for NYE and it nearly always used to be awful because of that. Now I just go with the flow and its usually chilled out – but nothing major…
    Have a good one!

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