Countdown to 2012: What I learned in 2011

I learned a lot to say the least a lot. Here it goes…

What I learned about people:

I learned how to compare what people tell you about themselves, to how they go about things in their everyday life. Actions always speak louder than words and while people say a lot of things it is what they actually do that’s most important.  I’ve always been one to watch what people do but this year I’ve watched the people around me more than ever.  I’ve learned to think about where people are coming from, reconciling  what I know of their past experiences with their present actions.  In doing this I’ve learned to more empathetic to people.

What I’ve learned about myself:

I care about the people closest to me more than I ever thought.  But in the same breath I must say that I learned that no matter how much I care I have to let people live their lives. Also,  I am not ready to have children, or a family for that matter, I want to know me and know my partner (hopefully husband) before I ever bring another person in to this world.

What I learned about relationships:

People have a tendency to say, you get out of a relationship what you put in it…. That is not always true.  There are times when you are with a person and you do all that you can to do right by them, but they can still be assholes to you.  Maybe it’s not a blatant action but I’ve learned that how they treat you when you’re not around it just as important as how they treat you when you are.  You have to make it very clear what you are willing to accept in all situations.  I’ve also learned that you can’t just let things go, there are times when letting things go just makes it worst. We have to be with people who are willing to work just as hard at it and that are worth the effort.

What I learned about Love:

Love is truly blissful insanity.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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