Countdown to 2012: Most Memorable Moment of 2011

“It was the best of time, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” -Charles Dickens

Dickens could not have said it any better, 2011 started off with a bang literally.  I had an awesome NYE 2010 even with all the drama I was fly and in company of my bff and lost friends.  It wasn’t everything I imagined; it was so much more. Love makes you do crazy things and I witnessed that.  But I guess the reason why I feel it was the most memorable because I finally let go. I know you’re probably like, “I don’t know you and you aren’t saying what happened”. Well this one is for me sorry,I’m not disclosing details. Let’s just say some people don’t realize what they have until its gone.  It was also memorable because when everything happened only one person in the world understood my side of everything, after all she knew the entire situation so her understanding was better. If she had never proved she had my back, she proved it that day.  I love her eternally for that because she called me on my mistake but it was valid and she defended me through it all. That night taught me more about friendship and than any other experience in my life. It taught me that your friends look out for you, they don’t instigate.

What I will elaborate on is the audacity of some people to not take responsibility for their part in the outcome of things.  I hate to be wrong but I can recognize when I am.  I can see that at times I have some things coming but there are times when I don’t and honestly, I didn’t feel like I had that coming. Some situations you have to bow out but egos and alcohol don’t mix.

There isn’t much I would have changed about my actions that night and I still say that to this day.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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