Plan B… Hopefully you take it in time.


Plan B has been in the news recently.  For those of you who don’t know what Plan B is, it is exactly what it says and when we didn’t exactly have a plan to begin with it is Plan A. Plan B is a an emergency contraception to be used within 72 hours after unprotected sex. Plan B can only prevent pregnancy, it can not terminate a pregnancy. It is intended for use in women over 17 but can be used by girls as young as 11 safely. Anyone aged 17 or older can purchase it at any pharmacy, local planned parenthood or health department.

The new news about Plan B is that it was going to be made available on drugstore shelves next to the condoms, lube, and all the other things people tend to awkwardly walk away from when they feel other people in the aisle, like pregnancy test and yeast infection cream. In yet another effort by the federal government to limit the teen sexual activity it won’t be readily available between the condoms and pregnancy test.  Why, you ask???? Well because like everything else this is going to promote teen sex.  Now if I remember PSY 224 and being a teenager correctly,  teenagers don’t think that far ahead and as a matter of fact lack some ability to make long term life decisions.  With that said I doubt my sexually active 13 year old cousin will think twice, if at all, about Plan B if they’ve already had unprotected sex.  And because there is already an age restriction on the sell of Plan B, like alcohol, if teenagers want it they will find a person of age to purchase it. I guess the biggest thing that I don’t understand is that they choose to regulate birth control instead of providing adequate sex education.

The thing best thing about Plan B being put on the shelves for us to grab anytime the store is open, makes it readily available after the pharmacy is closed or in stores where there is no pharmacy. Have you ever been sick and had to buy decongestant containing psuedoephedrine just to get to the store after the pharmacy closed and had to sleep with a stuffy nose, because some people use it to make meth???? I have and I can say it’s a pain in the ass, well same concept, but not totally.  The effectiveness of Plan B is directly correlated to the amount of time taken after unprotected sex, so the more readily available the better. My feminist self feels that this is another attack on a woman’s ability to make a decision for herself without hurdles and red tape.


2 thoughts on “Plan B… Hopefully you take it in time.”

  1. Like the morning after pill?
    I used it a couple of times as a teenager and it made me sick as hell…
    Its never as carefree as it looks – surely it will have some health risks etc and can’t protect against STDs anyway…

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