If you’re going to do it make sure you do it right: Coitus Interruptus


I was having a conversation recently and someone said “Pull out is not a method”….Au contaire mon cheri, it may not be the smartest method but it is indeed a method.  If you don’t engage in intercourse on a regular basis or at least have a plan of action in mind, this is a good method for you. This is going to be a lesson on the withdrawal method, for my friends who don’t take birth control for any reason and sometimes skip the gift wrap.

The withdrawal method is the oldest and most widely used method of birth control in the world, and when done perfectly it can be up to 80% effective. This method consists of the penis being withdrawn from the vagina and moved away from the vulva.  In order for this to be most successful the vagina should not come in contact with any semen before or after intercourse.  Pre-cum, as we so affectionately call it, does consist of sperm and will get you pregnant, (shout out to my bff tell my god daughter I got her christmas list).  I find the easiest way to avoid precum is with a little foreplay and the best way to get him to pull out is to tell him where to cum, and don’t always say your stomach or your ass that ish gets boring and a little cum never hurt anyone. Just be sure that if you are going to use this as a method of birth control you do it right


One thought on “If you’re going to do it make sure you do it right: Coitus Interruptus”

  1. Ha Ha well it all sounds good but the problem lies in that that’s just way too much stuff to control lol. I’m rying to think out of six kids how many were …..ahhhh no ok. I enjoy bc humor cause I am never going ot have any more kids. It’s freeing and since obviously I might have had some bc ,malfunctions or something of the sort. So I think the problem with the half assed methods, which I think we can safely agree this definately is one is that they gove success reates of ….up to 80% but the “if used correctly” is in teeny tiny print so we happily hop in the sack and play with fire…or precum or whatever lol, when the actual effective rate of the normal get too into it to give a crap what just touched my hooha……..is like 3% or something. right? Ok. I dunno. I made that number up but I think all teenagers should read this …well just to see how complicated it is to get an actaul successful withdraw…except they would just see SEX! yay.
    Peace 🙂

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