The Pursuit of Love and Happyness

Yeah I know I didn’t spell that like a person with my level of education but, it’s cuter that way.  It makes me think if the times when I was young and happiness was simple and Love, well Love was this obscure emotion that was intended for family.  Love is one of those things I still haven’t figured out and I’ve been in Love I know what that feels like but what I don’t understand is why can’t we make ourselves be in Love.We can Love because Love grows over time but to be truly in Love is something completely different.I don’t know if over time you can fall madly in Love with someone.  I think that over time you learn to Love and appreciate people, but to be in Love is something that happens and you can’t help it or stop it.  We have no control over who we Love in general but I think that is even more true for who we fall in Love with.  The thing is I see people set up road blocks to their heart and then they wonder why they are in a passionless relationship.  They have the highest expectations for their partners because they clearly don’t know what they expect from Love.

I’ve noticed about people who Love their significant other, is that they consider the possibility of something else out there being better.  But when people are truly in Love they have tunnel vision on the person they are with, they truly believe that at that time there is no better person for them.  Another significant thing I’ve noticed is that we have entirely too many ways to communicate and or track peoples emotions via social networking. There is no guessing anymore we tell people how we feel all day, we post our entire lives and every emotion on the internet; there is nothing left unsaid. How about this? We unplug and not broadcast our Love or distrust, stop cyber stalking and leave somethings unsaid and unknown.   How about we actually get to know people on a deeper level so that we don’t have to try to force any emotion and let things evolve naturally?  Not out of necessity but out of Love.

But seriously WTF do I know…


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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