Relinquish Control

I’m completely turned on by someone being in control of me. I like men who take control, there is nothing sexier than a man confident enough to be in total control and completely satisfy me; that will make me a loyal customer.  This is partly because I am a control freak I like things my way, I like for things to go the way I planned because after all I am the best planner ever.  There is just something about someone telling me what to do and how to do it, as well as, what will not be allowed at that moment that makes me immediately aroused. Nothing like having to manage everything around you but for this space in time not having to worry about anything because he has taken over the task, may seem like a cop-out but I see it as release.  I am not responsible for his orgasm I’m not responsible for mine, I’m not responsible for anything but to do what he says or be punished.  I trust that he will not do anything that I won’t like, that I‘m not comfortable with and he never does.  Always just right, the perfect mix of pleasure and pain, of the mental and physical.


One thought on “Relinquish Control”

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