For those of you who has a problem with boundaries… The rules.

The Arrangement:

Sex with no emotions or strings attached.  Many find it hard to believe that women and sometimes men can engage sexually without emotions attachment.  I believe that the emotional attachment is optional.  Some may think of this as friends with benefits, I think that depends on how you define friends.


This arrangement is only between me and you. I like to be discreet and I will not sleep with your friends, relatives, co workers or anyone else you are affiliated with.  The reasoning behind this I am picky, I choose my own people, I will not take suggestions from you nor will I be passed around groups of friends.  I have a lot of respect for myself, there are certain circumstances where that comes into question and I like to stay away from those.


Whenever is mutually convenient.

The basics:

  1. Ok I am first of all not your girlfriend so therefore do not approach me with your emotional baggage.  Your emotional needs are not my responsibility.  I can make you feel needed but I will not make you feel like you can depend on me.  This relationship may inevitably turn into a friendship but I am not looking for it.
  2. Chivalry is not dead.  I do not deal in assholes and will not tolerate being mistreated or disrespected.  I am a woman and I expect to be treated as such.  Treat me with the same amount of respect that you would expect someone to treat your sister.
  3. I am discreet and I expect you to be.  I am simply sexually open but that does not mean open to anyone.
  4.  I will not do anything because I was pressured.  The nature of the relationship is based on mutual respect.  I only do things I am comfortable doing; I have no problem saying no.
  5.  I will not do this if you come off as sexually selfish; you have you give as much as you take. By this I mean I am not there to please you, I am there to be pleased as well.

One thought on “For those of you who has a problem with boundaries… The rules.”

  1. Interesting for sure! Sex without an emotional attachment just never seemed worth it to me. Sure I’ve done it but felt empty afterwards…totally unfulfilled. I guess its each to his own though so more power to you if it works for you.

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