“Just because I dress like this doesn’t mean I’m a….”

(PAUSE)…. Don’t finish that sentence.  I am not one to make assumptions about people based on what they wear… well maybe sometimes.  I think presentation is a large part of your image. I mean if your lawyer walked in with a basketball uniform on wouldn’t you think he was a basketball player, if you didn’t already know he or she was lawyer.  Women seriously need to think about this. We all like to show our curves and since bodacious is the new black it’s only right that we are proud of our womanly figures, but come on.  Are you ever offended when you’re going to the club and are mistaken for a prostitute??? This is for you.  I am not saying that all the blame rests on you, when you are approached in an unflattering or insulting way because of how you’re dressed, I’m just saying what everyone has been saying for years, you have to take some responsibility.  There is a way to sexy and classy, to show your ass but not literally. And there is a time and place for every type of clothing; lingerie is not street/club wear.  

A large part of what you wear is how you wear it.  You can be sexy in a t-shirt and skinny jeans but you can also look like you rolled out of bed; just be aware of how you look.  I don’t think you should wear pajamas outside of the comfort of your own home, unless your are not getting out of a car, but that’s just my 2 cents. The bottom line is you have to present yourself in the way in which you would like to be perceived.  Did you just say “I don’t care what people think”???  Good for you, (claps hands in awe).  Many people don’t care about what people think and it’s not their approval that you are seeking, but you have to be an adult and realize that what other people think matters.  I didn’t know you were Bill Gates rich; you can say fuck it I’m never wearing clothes again.  But my best guess is you’re not so be aware of how you look. Because if you dress like a ______ you just might be treated as such.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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