Aye, Send me a Pic

So someone asked you to send a pic… Are you going to send it? What kind of pic do you send? How well do you know this person.  I still remember the day I found nudes from a co-worker in a boyfriends phone; I almost threw his phone out of the window while doing 80 on the highway.I’m typically not one to send or ask for pics because I want to be in control of who sees me and when;  I don’t want my pics indiscriminately shown to the world. I can just hear my Mom if she ever found out; I may be an adult but sometimes she forgets that. Now that probably means that the pic was not just a head shot. Maybe I was busting it wide open and my face or tats were visible, I don’t know.

I think sending pics is perfectly fine if you are not paranoid like me and you are comfortable with the fact that once it leaves your phone you have no control of the image what so ever.  Don’t get me wrong there are smart ways to send pics here are some tips.

  1. If there’s nudity don’t show your face or any other identifying marks.  Cover your tats, scars, birthmarks, etc.
  2. Take as many pics as you want you don’t have to send them all, but if you’re going to send it pic it better well be the best damn pic you can take.
  3. Make sure your background is acceptable for viewing There is nothing worst than someone having a fucked up background in what supposed to be a sexy pic. Hide ya kids, trash, dirty laundry, dirty dishes, dog, cats and whatever else might distract the recipient or your pic.
  4. Be smart don’t willy nilly send pics to every person in your contacts.
  5. Double check the recipient.  Don’t accidentally send your pierced clit to Dad instead of Dan.
  6. Last but definitely not least make be sure the person wants to see you naked.  I don’t like dick in my phone, well not all dicks.

Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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