If You’re Pregnant and You Know it….

Clap your hands…. I wish it was that simple.

I for one am pro choice, for various reasons.  Fatherhood is optional now days and there are other things that interest me more than motherhood at this point.  In terms of options to consider that is up to women, because at the end of the day the burden of pregnancy, labor and delivery, not to mention motherhood or adoption is on you.  I’ve always been responsible in terms of birth control, tracking my cycle, and carefully making note of all unprotected sexual encounters,  at times I’m too careful.  I’ve been a Plan A, B and C type, plan C not being abortion, but abortion always being an option.  I’ve been so meticulous not because I’m a raging sex addict who can’t get enough (well with one person I am) but because I want to be mentally prepared, no matter how unrealistic that sounds, for any decision I make.  My dad always says preparation is the key to success, so I like to be ready.  But on a serious tip I think that abortion is very personal decision and all options should be available to every woman.

As women we were given the gift to bring life into the world, I feel strongly that as women we have the right to refuse…. Lets be honest anyone who has thought they were pregnant before, and they considered themselves not ready to provide adequate care and guidance for another human being has been pro choice, even if only for seconds.  I applaud all mothers who are down for the struggle of single motherhood, I also applaud those who are not single mothers but put their lives on hold to raise a family.  My stance is just that I also understand women who are not willing to sacrifice their dreams and face extreme challenges to be mothers.  Realizing that my opinions are strong and motherhood is not all gloom and doom to the very essence of being a young woman in 2011.  I will end with this… make decisions that are best for you regardless of the consequences, don’t regret having or not having a child it is your life that will be most affected in the end.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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